What is Mental Fitness?

Mental Fitness is the capacity to sustain and improve performance by managing your state of psychological and emotional wellbeing.

Cognosis is a Mental Fitness Tool designed to aid your journey of personal development and help you thrive.

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Being In Control

Having the inner resources to manage your emotional and psychological state for informed decisions.

Developing Capacity

Being able to focus, have presence, be confident and achieve balance through inner peace and positive thinking. 

Being Engaged

Getting the best out of yourself and others through better communication and relationship skills.

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Developing Mental Fitness through coaching enables an individual to feel in control of their environment, to develop the capacity to strengthen their performance and to strengthen their engagement to get more from themselves and those around them.


Cognosis is our Mental Fitness benchmarking tool. Its designed to profile individuals, teams and organisations to enable a deeper understanding of Mental Fitness to help aid and focus development.

Cognosis is a personalised coaching and self-development tool, built on excellence, expertise and genuine human interaction.

Strengthen performance.
Unlock growth.


Strengthen individual and company performance

Mental Fitness is the capacity and ability to improve performance by taking control of your state of psychological and emotional wellbeing. Developing frameworks and structures to measure and support this drives performance.

Unlock personal and organisational development

Mental Fitness enables individuals to engage productively with their environment and growth their resourcefulness across the skills and competencies required for business growth.

Build confidence and resilience Find motivation and purpose

Shaped by people and organisational insight, we help individuals, teams and organisations to grow in confidence, build relationships, find motivation, share purpose and lead transformational change.

We believe that self-aware people are able to make the best decisions, lead their lives to the fullest, be happier and have a greater sense of wellbeing.

It’s these people that power future thinking organisations to grow and outperform their competitors.

Better understanding of employees


Employers need to get a deeper understanding of their employees. This is highlighted by the difference between the needs employees articulate about what’s more likely to help them stay in their role and the perceptions of employers about what will make a difference. 

Broadly the employer response is transactional. Their response could typically be to offer better compensation, adjusted workloads or a promotion. 

Employee responses however are relational. They want to feel valued by their manager, have a sense of belonging to the organisation and have trusting and caring teammates. 

Employee response is as much about values, connection and community as pay or conditions. The risk is that employers who respond with a transactional solution amplify the problem by making the employees feel even less understood and valued. 


Personalised and involved thinking


So how well do you understand employee needs in your organisation? Do you know what makes people stay? Do you have empathetic leaders attuned to employee needs? Have you involved your employees in shaping wellbeing strategy within the organisation and built a tailored, personalised strategy designed around their needs? 

The organisations we’ve seen shaping the most powerful wellbeing strategies have combined a data driven approach to understanding their employees Mental Fitness with a collaborative, co-creation driven approach, involving people across the organisation in shaping wellbeing around actual rather than perceived needs, a process that can itself enhance a sense of belonging and connectedness within the organisation.

This insight allows us to make choices to live life to the fullest. Happy, content, self-aware and fulfilled humans.

We’re making this a reality – leading the movement towards Mental Fitness for all.  



x1 Assessment

  • Questionnaire (Full)
  • Detailed report of your current level of Mental Fitness 
    • Myself
    • Foundations
    • Environment
  • Self awareness of strengths & weaknesses in particular  blind spots of self imposed limitations
  • Highlights of key areas for personal development
  • Recommendations for opportunities & improvements

Cognosis Key Areas:

Myself - your internal view of yourself and how you manage your thoughts and feelings positively and proactively.

Environment - how you engage with your ‘environment’, how you manage your relationships and communication and how you gain motivation and a sense of achievement at work.

Foundations - the foundation elements are aspects of your Mental Fitness that you may wish to develop further as improvements in these areas will positively contribute to your overall levels of happiness.



Our Mental Fitness Coaching Tool designed to profile individuals, teams and organisations to aid focus and development for optimal performance.

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