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Goal Setting with a Difference

You are one step away from learning how set your goals with intention and actually achieving them:

What you'll get:

1. Create a Vision learn the act of Planning & Organisation to make your dreams & reality

2. Learn how to set SMART Goals that work - Learn the magic of breaking down your goals into actionable steps such that they are doable

3. Learn how to effectively manage & Beat Procrastination - Learn how to stop standing in your own way

4. Implement Accountability Measures - Track & reflect on your progress motivating you to continue to strive forwards regardless of setbacks

5. Ensure Self-Care throughout the goal setting process

6. Adopt Self-Love – create a robust belief pattern that makes you take the action steps needed to achieve those goals

7. Implement Unshakeable Confidence into the mix – be confident enough to make it happen  

What People Are Saying:

This course will help you create goals that are important to you in all areas - physical, emotional and professional. This course helped me tremendously on my journey of self discovery and development. The work on building your confidence will help you envisage a life where you can see yourself living to the fullest and change your perspective on your own abilities for the better, whereby you can transform your reality.

Mark Shaw

I would recommend this course to anyone who is serious about making 2022 their year of success

Sam Hopkins

So many people can benefit from this course - its so empowering to share space with ambitious women and to learn how to overcome the very things that are getting in the way of you achieving your goals and life purpose. If you want growth and you want to show up strong and confident in the face of adversity this course is for you. You simply cannot walk away from it without having some powerful new perspectives:))

Elena Mario

This course set me on my path of creating goals with clarity on my future direction - this was so important for me as I was trying to be everything all at once. I also gained the confidence to be myself and believe in my ability to achieve the things I have been thinking about for so long. With the excellent accountability measures I learnt and tracking of my performance there was simply no way I was not going to get to the other side thanks to the motivation I gained from this course.

Jay Wright