Nothing to FEAR but FEAR ITSELF !!!

In this episode we talk about all things FEAR. 

Fear is one of the most common feelings that people feel which is unfortunate as its also the most self-limiting factor that holds people back from their Potential & Purpose.

Listen to Nari Kaur - Empowerment & Leadership Coach at SkyHigh Coaching & Mira Patel Empowerment & Wellbeing Coach at Prana Coaching answer the following questions: 

1. What empowerment means particularly in the face of FEAR? 

2. What are the common & most powerful fears that people face in life today 

3. How Nari & Mira overcame fears in their own lives  

4. Nari & Mira's individual methods of working with clients to release fears and to empower them 

5. TOP TIPS to overcome FEAR. 

6. What inspires Nari and Mira to do the work that they do  

Concluding thought: FEEL the FEAR & DO IT ANYWAY !!!